We Rise By Lifting Others

We know it's not yet that time of year when you start thinking about resolutions for the next year, but you should not wait for that specific time to focus on new goals.

We want to tell you a little more about our purposes with the Olivia & Elena project.

If you've heard about us, you know that we seek to empower guatemalan artisans, specifically women and their families. This is our purpose # 1.

But there is more, let us tell you that Guatemala is a country full of spectacular, hardworking, smart, educated, and strong people. Even with all these qualities Guatemala is a country that needs support. That is why with the Olivia & Elena project our main goal is to show the world these women’s awesome work.

By making more people around the world to know Guatemala and everything good in it, we generate work to support these families. This is our purpose # 2.

We know children are the future and educating guatemalan children is one of our most important goals. Through the Olivia & Elena project, we support many mothers giving them the chance to send their children to school, which is not totally free in Guatemala. Outside the Olivia & Elena project there are many children, which their mothers are not involved in our project or sadly they are orphans, that do not benefit.

This is why our purpose # 3 is to provide education for more Guatemalan children through our project.

The opportunity we have had through the Olivia & Elena project to show Guatemala and its people, work, art and culture to the world is something we are grateful.

Being located in the city of Basel, Switzerland has been an important key to reach people through Europe and to achieve our purposes. Once again thank you!

And you, which are your purposes?

With love

Olivia & Elena

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  • Kobby says...

    What you are doing is great!

    On July 25, 2017

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