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We believe that dignified work and education breaks poverty cycles. Our commitment is to invest in resources to create fair jobs for those involved in our project.

Guatemala is a very poor country, 54% of the population lives in poverty and 13% in extreme poverty. 2 million children, mostly girls, do not attend school. Even in poverty, Guatemalans are hardworking people with great values and desire to overcome this adversities. This is why Olivia & Elena decided to invest in people that want opportunities to improve their lives.

Olivia & Elena is not a charity project, it is a project that seeks to create a better future with a sustainable solution.

Our program empowers women, paying fair wages and teaching them to value their work. It provides the tools to achieve an economic independence and break with the cycles of poverty improving their quality of life.

Many children, especially those living in rural areas, are forced to leave school because they can not cover the costs for books, supplies, uniforms and transportation. Boys are sent to work in agriculture fields with their fathers. Girls stay at home helping their mothers with the housework or as young teenagers, sent away to get married.

Children are the future, not only for Guatemala, but also for the world. These little human beings have the right to not to have to work to support their families, and to be forced into  getting married. They have the right to study, to be loved and to be treated with respect.

To reduce school drop-out cases, 10% of our sales goes to contribute with the education of our artisans’ children.

It is our world, yours and ours. We are aware of the footprint that fashion has had on our environment. This is why each huipil (the base textile of our designs) is measured and calculated to be used at its maximum and reduce textile disposal. In some designs we use huipiles that have been already worn by women as daily clothes but still are in excellent condition. 

Our brand seeks to give back and create opportunities through each of our designs. We look to leave something better in the lives of all the persons involved, including you.

Olivia & Elena

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