About Us

•What We Do?

Olivia & Elena is an ethical fashion brand founded to make a positive change and empower Guatemalan artisan women.

Olivia & Elena  brings together art, culture and style. Through our unique designs, we share worldwide the work of native Guatemalan women.

We use the huipil as the main piece of textile in our designs creating unique, stylish, modern and sophisticated bags, for every woman around the world.

The huipil is a hand-woven blouse used daily by native Guatemalan women. It is embroidered with threads of vibrant colors full of culture and magic. Each unique embroidery has a meaning and represents the place of origin of each woman. The Mayan women wear them tucked into their skirt called "corte" and wear a wide sash over the top of the skirt. The creation of each unique piece can take anywhere from one to six months to complete, but the end result is a spectacular work of art.

•For Whom We Do It?

Guatemala is a country full of spectacular, hardworking, smart and strong people. Even with all these qualities Guatemala is a country that needs support. That is why with the Olivia & Elena project we seek to empower Guatemalan artisans, specifically women and their families. 

We know children are the future and educating Guatemalan children is one of our most important goals. Through the Olivia & Elena project, we support many mothers giving them the chance to send their children to school, which is not totally free in Guatemala.

•Where Are We Located?

Our beautiful and delicate designs are handmade in Guatemala using local materials and time-honored skills. 

We are based in the beautiful Switzerland. Our purpose is to preserve, support and share our Mayan heritage with the world. Being located in Switzerland is the perfect way to share with the world our iconic pieces.

•When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen!

Our products are created in collaboration with women-led artisan cooperatives, practicing fair trade principles. All products are crafted with love using local materials and time-honored skills.

Olivia & Elena is a brand made with passion and solid values that seeks for an economic and personal growth of our artisan partners. It creates an important connection between producers and consumers based in respect, solidarity, honesty, justice, and identity.

More than a handbag... is the woman who wove it and the woman who wears it! When you wear your Olivia & Elena bag, you're empowering the woman who made it, the woman who put her love, dreams and hopes of a better life into her work. Empowered women, empower women!

We embrace the story behind each piece, join us in this journey of purpose, color and tradition.

Oliva & Elena

Mayan Heritage and Modern Style