Vintage Huipil - NAHUALÁ

This artisan-made huipil can be worn as a blouse or it can be used as a distinctive piece to decorate your home. You could also use this piece to elaborate one-of-a-kind cushion covers, table runners and other decor accessories.

•Nahualá Sólola, Huipil
•Condition: Good Vintage.
•Front Measurements: 88* 72 cm
•Embroidery: Center 40* 33 cm Shoulders 22* 12 cm

* Your purchase has a direct impact on the artisans' lives and their communities. In addition to paying fair wages for their work to our artisan partners, we donate 10% of the proceeds from this purchase to education for the community children.

A practice unique to Nahualá is to intentionally let threads bleed onto the white base fabric.


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